My name is Dina Lerner and Wix&Me is a studio specializing in graphic design and web design of wix-based websites. In fact, I have a mouse in one hand and a palette in the other.


I am fluent in the language of design and feel the art from within. I am confident that we can make something new together. I manage to bring the passion, the color, the brush strokes and the doodles to my work, creating a language filled with graphic lines that translate needs, emotions and words into an image.

I have great knowledge and expertise in branding, marketing and advertising and dozens of satisfied clients.


I am here to make the difference for you. This difference will maximize the exposure to your brand, services and products. I choose ideas, colors and materials for you, sensitively, gently and with your cooperation.

The graphic design studio I manage specializes in web design in the Wix platform, which is the most advanced web design platform available today, and is the technological platform for the design language we choose together.


My knowledge, expertise and Wix control are the tools that guarantee a great and efficient website for a fair price!

I guide many small and medium sized businesses such as coaches, therapists, gardeners, architectures, photographers, interior designers, lawyers, bed and breakfast, musicians, artists and also fashion houses, branding cosmetic chain stores, food products etc.

My specialty

  • Wix-based web design

  • Graphic and web design for the tourism industry

  • Graphic and web design for the life style industry

  • Graphic and web design for technological and multimedia businesses.


I invite you to set out with me on a journey of shared thought and creativity.

I am always happy to get referrals for new clients, small and medium sized companies which are searching for a fresh new approach.


In 2016 Wix addresses were updated its URLs in order to make them simple, memorable and friendlier to the user and the search engine.  

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