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Let us help you with your wix site, in only 3 steps, based on the large wixstock templets !! 
choose your 3 most favorite templets, provide us with all the content by filling the attached form, and we take it from there!! folloew the 3 step plan
1.Choose a package
2. Fill the attached form
3. Send relevent files through dropbox or google drive 
in 2 business days we will send you the first draft.
(we want to bring to your attention that our capacity to finish on time, dependent upon the client's cooperation with us.)



Choose a package



Send relevent files to this e.mail >>

through dropbox or google drive

please read The small letter:

  • Work begins once the fee is payed and the studio receives all of the necessary materials from the client, no later than 24 hours from the time of payment. Payment constitutes an acceptance of the agreement and conditions below.

  • Availability by telephone is during weekdays, Sunday to Thursday, from 08:00 to 17:00.

  • Domain storage is not included in the price quote. You can read about WIX storage packages here. Prices range from $4-$16. Extra fees might apply if using applications from APP MARKET.  

  • The studio does not take responsibility for technical problems related to WIX. In the event of a technical problem with WIX, the client will contact the WIX help center directly.

  • For websites with 6 pages, we are committed to a 15 business day timeframe, dependent upon the client's cooperation. Delays in response from the client will result in delays on completing the project.

  • For websites with 12 pages or an ecommerce store, we are committed to a 20 business day timeframe, dependent upon the client's cooperation. Delays in response from the client will result in delays on completing the project.

  • Communication will take place via email and skype. Google Drive and/or Dropbox will be used to transfer documents; it is recommended that documents be transferred in files that are named according to the website's page names.

  • If the agreement is cancelled after it has been signed, for any reason, the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 10%.

  • It is noted that any change to the design after receiving final approval by the client, or in the event that the client desires to continue design work after final approval, then the fee is $50 per hour, unless a fixed price is set in advance.

  • All material (including pictures and articles), that is received from the client is the client's sole responsibility. For the avoidance of doubt, the studio shall bear no responsibility or liability regarding copyright and/or any other intellectual property rights and/or any third party connection with the material it receives from the client. The client shall indemnify and compensate the studio for any claim and/or amount of money required to pay that is the result of any breach the client makes of this agreement and this article in particular.

  • The client can commission additional work on the website, after the site has gone up. These projects will be priced separately and are not included in this price quote.

  • In the event that the client chooses to change the concept of the website or adds additional requirements during the work process, relevant charges will be added, and charged separately.  

  • In the event that the client received a product and is not interested in that product (including a project that has completed the design stage), that project will be charged by an hourly wage, or by the price stated in the price quote (the lower of the two).

  • Logo design project timeframes have an additional 7 business days.

This price quote is valid for 15 days from the day it is sent to the client.


The client selects three designs and of those three, picks one with which to proceed. The studio then makes adjustments to the client's content, based on their selection.

I'm happy to answer any questions and provide clarifications if needed.




Please send me an email and make an appointment on Skype!

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