Web design

Web design is an important stage in your business branding process.

This is you virtual calling card, which exposes your business to your potential audience and today good exposure = success.

An exact and professional design of your Wix website can raise the curtain for you!

Life takes the fast lane and so does the your competition. Therefore, when a potential client reaches your site, you have a few seconds to persuade him to stay, or he will quickly go to the next website, that of your competition.

Nice to Meet You

With knowledge and expertise of more than 15 years in graphic design, we guide our clients from the business branding, through the website profiling, its graphic design and construction until it goes online, connecting your domain, purchasing the right package and guiding you on the management system. Just as important, we provide technical support, free of charge, after your website goes online, by mail or phone, because your internet site is also our calling card, just as much as it is yours.

What Do We Offer?

We offer Wix-based web design, upgrading existing websites, technical support in the Wix system. We also offer content writing services, business development services, promotion campaigns on Facebook, all using top-notch professionals.

After an introductory conversation, filling in a questionnaire, clarifying your needs and audiences, we can sit down and profile your site so that it answers all your needs as business and website manager, while emphasizing the graphic design, a convenient user experience and smart website construction.

The Wix system features the following websites:

Business websites

Wix Store / Wix Hotels / Wix Booking / Wix Restaurant etc.


Personal or professional blog

Wix-based landing pages

Why Choose Us?

Web design is a profession that requires creativity, punctuality and technological awareness.

As a business owner, you probably want to be on top, to lead and get a motivating website, which is user friendly, which uses you, choosing the right professionals is the first stage in achieving your goal. We love what we do.

We are responsible for making your website well-planned and well-built, to have the design and construct of your website support your business and marketing needs, technical needs and of course, to have professional graphic designers producing high-quality designs for you. We want to make the user experience for your clients pleasant, inviting and motivating.

My knowledge and experience in graphic design, combined with the Wix platform, the world’s most advanced platform for web design is the formula for your website:

>> User friendly

>> Supports many languages

>> Adapted to mobiles and tablets   

>> Easy operation and maintenance

>> A wide variety of applications: Wix Store / Wix Hotels / Wix Booking / Wix Restaurant / Wix Blog

>> New! An accessibility component

With low costs and in a short time

I invite you to leave your details and i will get back to you

with a particularly attractive proposition

we can help with


Wix-Based Web Design

Your personally branded website, with a business and marketing profile.

Whether you have a new business or an existing website, managing your business requires to be excellent at what we do, brilliant in management, great in design and branding, fascinating in content writing and so on!

This is virtually impossible. From personal experience I can say that while I am a graphic designer who specializes in Wix-based websites, I have writers, marketing consultants and promoters working with me.

I suggest you let us be excellent in what we do, for you, to design a unique website for you. To have a creative mind and help you motivate your cleints, choose you.

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Guidance and Support in Wix

Wix is a DIY platform. It is intuitive and user friendly. It allows independence when building your own website and still, sometimes you come across a problem, have a question or want to hear a professional opinion.

This is why I am here. Based on my expertise in Wix, I can provide an immediate solution or answer your questions in up to 24 hours. Call us and we will try to help.

We can help you over the phone or schedule a Skype meeting and share a screen. And as you know, nothing beats what the eyes can see.

Don’t hesitate. Call us. We are at your service.

•    Phone support for the Wix platform

•    Online meeting - sharing a screen and working things out

•    Consultancy about upgrading your website and user experience

•    Guidance hours in deals.

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Business Design and Branding

Before you begin “sketching” your business, inventing its face, spirit and tastes, I need to get to know you a little better.

We meet, and get to know each other. You answer a questionnaire to find out what are your unique concepts, what are the business’ unique concepts, why should the clients choose you, and other questions, to help me translate all the words into a graphic language that motivates clients and make them believe in you and your professionalism and eventually, choose you.

My objective is to make a brand that promotes your business to a successful meeting with your clients, using a unique and reliable graphic design. I invite you to go through a process of finding out, planning and perfecting your brand.


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